WineSnap is for the rest of us. WineSnap has one simple goal - let you quickly capture the details of a good wine. Never forget the name of that great wine you had while dining out, at a friend's house or that someone told you about.

Other wine applications are more focused on the wine connoisseur and cataloging wine. WineSnap isn't designed to keep track of your wine cellar nor is it going to tell you what wine is best paired with your dinner. It let's you quickly capture the details of a wine you've had out so that when you hit the wine store you can remember what you had.

  • Capture the winery, variety, vintage and a note about the wine.
  • Take a photo of the label or choose an image from your library.
  • Look up a description, price and even purchase the wine from if you live in an area they ship.

As with all our software, you shape future versions. Let us know what you'd like to see in a future release by visiting our web site. We respond to inquiries within 24 hours or less.