Wine Journal™

Wine Journal lets you quickly and easily catalog and keep track of all of the wine in your cellar. Entering wines is fast with pre-populated lists of wine varieties, notes, pairings and more.

Other wine apps either give you details about what's in your cellar, or what you've tasted. Wine Journal lets you do both.

But that’s not all.

  • Note the winery, variety, vintage, comments and rating of your wine
  • Photos -Take a snap shot of the wine label or choose from an existing photo in your library.
  • New Fields - Vineyard, Region, Country, Price, Number of Bottles, Category, Wine Notes, Other, Pairings.
  • Advanced Wine Notes - Select from a comprehensive list of Aroma, Clarity, Color and Taste tags or enter your own.
  • Pairings - Select from a list of pairings tags or enter your own.
  • Have that bottle of wine shipped directly to you! Simply tap “Buy” (subject to law and availability).
  • Differentiate between wines in your cellar and wines you're simply considering.
  • "Share" and email the wine listing to a friend.

Tell us what features you would like to see! Each new version is based on comments and suggestions from users. Nearly all the review comments have already been addressed.